The Title of this Blog…. “Scholars and Yogis Please Check!”

The title of this blog comes from the writings of the great Sakya master Sachen Kunga Lodro.

Sakya Kunga Lodro

Sachen Kunga Lodro

In his wrathful torma ritual for Dorje Shugden, Sachen exhorted the Scholars and yogis of his day to examine the truth, to discover for themselves that Dorje Shugden is a Buddha.

He wrote with such confidence and joy, I feel his advice is perfect for the practitioners of today. In an environment where it seems that, based on the poorly reasoned political advice of a very few, the many are completely convinced of a fiction, the sincere and open-minded practitioner has a responsibility to check for him or herself and seek the truth wherever it may lead. Even if it means letting go of long cherished ideas and confronting truths that previously seemed unimaginable.

Scholars and Yogis, please check!


3 thoughts on “The Title of this Blog…. “Scholars and Yogis Please Check!”

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  2. jairosoft

    I got Stephen Batchelor’s Confessions book, and it is interesting. Why would the Dalai Lama need to resort to oracles? If he wants to get rid of the spirits in Tibetan Buddhism, why hasn’t he gotten rid of the spirit of the Nechung oracle and others? That is something to wonder. I suppose either way, whoever is the head of a religion can dictate what is allowed to be worshiped.

  3. truthaboutshugden Post author

    Hi Jairsoft-

    It might be true that a head of a religion may determine what is to be practiced, but it needs to be clearly understood that the Dalai Lama is not the head of Buddhism. In fact quite far from it. He is not the head of Zen Buddhism, Pure-land Buddhism, Nichiren Buddhism or Theravada Buddhism. Tibetan Buddhism itself is composed of four schools. He is not the head of the Nyingma, not the head of the Sakya, not the head of the Kagyud, nor is he even the head of the Gelugpa school. So in what way precisely does he have any authority to dictate what anyone “worships,” outside perhaps of his own faithful students? Please feel free to answer, and thank you for your contribution!

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